Chapter 15- Water

The properties of water using hydrogen bonding (are high surface tension, when one drops water on a surface the molecules tend to make a sphere shape because every side is being pulled in and down. Those at the surface have nothing to pull them up so they are pulled down. The hydrogen bond almost makes a skin that allows insects, lizards, paper clips, and Jesus float/walk on them. There is a constant movement bringing the molecules up, around, and back down. Low vapor pressure is a force required to move water molecules from liquid state to gases state and is another property because the water molecules are kept in the water droplet sphere, the amount of water molecules that escape the skin to enter the vapor phase is low because the skin is keeping them in. Even if they escape, they often come back in.High boiling point, of the molar mass the low so will the boiling point. If there was a lower boiling point there would be more water in the air.Low density of water, lower the temperature the higher the density.If you take any liquid and freeze it to ice and put the frozen liquid into the water they will sink. the hexagonal shape is open, making it lighter. Benefits of hydrogen bonding are in water, it helps keep living organisms insulated and alive. And it helped Jesus walk on water.An example of a surfactant is soap.


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