Here are a few properties of water: Suface tension, vapor pressure, high boiling point and a lower density than ice.

Surface tension is the inward force or pull that minamizes the urface rea, which is why it forms water droplets. There is the problem of a surfactant, which interferes and makes a spherical water droplet flatten out. The hydrogen bond keeps them closely knit together that its constantly keeping the surface water molecules pulled in.

Vapor pressure is the process of a  liquid molecule escaping from the surface of the liquid and into the vapor phase. Since the connections between the molecules are so strong, it is extremely hard for water molecules to seprate from one another. You could say that this is like a young child not wanting to leave its mother for their first day of school. The hydrogen bonds are so strong, just like the bond that the mother and the child have for each other.

Boiling point of water is extremely high because of how high the temperature has to be in order to break the hydrogen bonds. But the boiling point for water is special because even though it has a low molar mass, it has a high boiling point, thanks to hydrogen bonds.

Lower Density than Ice. If you have ice in water, it defies the odds of other materials and natural laws by floating. Why you may ask? Because the water freezes in hexagonal shapes, creating an openess in the shape because of the hydrogen bonds.

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