Chemistry: Hydrogen bonding

Today in chemistry I learned about hydrogen bonding. The polarity of the water molecule results in hydrogen bonding. The oxygen atom has a partial negative charge. Each hydrogen atom has a partial positive charge. Hydrogen bonds form between the hydrogen atom of one water molecule and the oxygen atom of an adjacent water molecule.

Many unique and important properties of water—including its high surface tension, low vapor pressure, and high boiling point is result from hydrogen bonding.

I will be talking about how hydrogen bonding affects vapor pressure. Hydrogen bonding between water molecules also explains water’s unusually low vapor pressure. A network of hydrogen bonds holds the molecules in liquid water close to one another. These hydrogen bonds must be broken before water changes from the liquid to the vapor state, so the tendency of these molecules to escape is low and evaporation is slow.
It’s important to every day life because what would happen if it were not like that. All the lakes and oceans, with their large surface areas, would rapidly evaporate. There wouldn’t be oceans or ponds or lakes for the fish and animals depending on those water sources. So it is important

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