15.1- water

Hydrogen bond is when a partially positive hydrogen atom to attract to a partially negative oxygen atom. Oxygen is highly electronegative which causes the partially negative and positive charges.

– High surface tension:

Is when the hydrogen and oxygen atoms attracting each other inward and making a skin. This skin is difficult to break and that’s why some insects can walk of water. Surfactant is something that can reduce the surface tension and spread out the water. One example of a surfactant is soap. The surface tension helps with vapor pressur, high boiling point, and low density.

– Low vapor pressure:

The amount of the force exerted by a gas above a liquid in a sealed container. It’s the force required to move a water molecule from a liquid state to a gaseous state. The amount of molecules that enter the vapor phase is low because the hydrogen bonds keeps them in. Some molecules that go into the vapor phase can come back into liquid. It is beneficial to us that the vapor pressure is low because if it was high we wouldn’t have lakes or oceans. Thr lower your molar mass the lower boiling point. If the vapor pressure was to high we wouldn’t have water because it would evaporate to quickly.

– Low Density:

most liquids sink in its own liquid when it’s frozen, but water does not ice floats in water because of the hydrogen bond. The ice makes an hexagon shape and it’s open in the inside which cause the density of ice to be less than water so the ice floats. Because of this the fish don’t die in the water because the water doesn’t at the bottom doesn’t freeze. Due to the water not freezing we can fish in the winter.


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