Chemistry: Atomic model

Today in chemistry I learned about the different atomic models that changed through time.

The first model I learned about was Rutherford’s model. He proposed that electrons move around the nucleus like the planets more around the sun. But he couldn’t explain chemical properties of elements. For example he couldn’t explain why metals or compounds of metals give off characteristic colors when heated in flames.

Then I learned about the Bohr model. He incorporated newer discoveries about how an atoms energy changes when the atom absorbs or emits light. He proposed an electron is found in only specific paths of orbits around the nucleus.

The last method which is the current model is the Quantum Mechanical. This model restricts the energy of electrons to certain values. It doesn’t specify an exact path the electrons take around the nucleus. It determines the allowed energies an electron can have and how likely it is to find the electron in various locations around the nucleus.

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