It is time to kickoff Makerspace with Squishy Circuits.  This is a fun hands on activity where our youngest students will begin their learning of electricity and circuitry by working with conductive play dough, LEDs and micro motors to create fun imaginative shapes and creatures.  Students will learn that electricity runs in a closed loop, and get put that knowledge into practice.  Once students have learned the basics, they will be asked to create animals with eyes that light up and tails that move using the knowledge they have gained.


October 3 – October 6:      1st Grade

October 10 – October 13:  Pre-K

October 17 – October 20:  Kindergarten


Makey-ing Sweet music

Learn about circuits and electricity while coming up with fun musical instruments.

Students will learn about Makey Makey boards and electrical circuits as we complete a project where students make a musical instrument using fruits and vegetables.  Once the initial project is done, students will have the opportunity to get creative and choose from various conductive materials to create their own instruments.  Check out the video below to get an idea of what is possible in this project.


October 25:       2nd Grade

October 26-27:  3rd Grade