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Welcome back to school! The hallways are all too quiet during the summer. We are excited to announce our plans as we prepare for the new school year.

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new high school teacher! Pedro Cantu, a graduate of Southwestern Adventist University, joins us teaching Physical Education and Spanish. Mr. Cantu did his student teaching at Burton last spring where we had the opportunity to become acquainted with him. If you have not had a chance to meet him yet, I invite you to stop by our campus to meet him.

The Business Office is in a new location! For your convenience, we have moved Mrs. Graves and Mrs. Dickerson to their new offices across the hallway from the library. Please stop by and see their new area.

Maker Space is up and ready for use. The students will enjoy this new addition and experience learning in a whole new way. Come and see what we’ve been up to in Room 202!

Thanks to the Graduating Class of 2016, we have additional picnic tables in the back lot ready to be used for lunch.

Burton Highlight Sabbath

Last Sabbath, Burton was highlighted at the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The Sabbath was certainly a high point in our week.  We had all ages participating including elementary students leading out in Opening Song, a junior high student calling for the offering, an International student having the children’s story, a praise team from the high school, and a very special music following the sermon which included a quartet from the high school along with Mr. Simpson.  We can be very proud of our students.

Burton Highlight Sabbath OctBurton Highlight Sabbath Oct 1Burton Hgihlight Sabbath Oct 2

Happy Friday

Pastor McLaughlin spoke in our chapels this morning.  He is the Vice President for Spiritual Affairs at Southwestern Adventist University.

Pastor McLaughlin asked the students “Where is the Place of Mercy?”  One student quickly announced, “Burton.”  Ultimately, the Place of Mercy, is anywhere that Jesus is.  I’m hoping that is a testimony of the atmosphere on campus, “A Place Where Jesus Is.”

He focused on the story of the crippled man by the pool who had no now to help him get in the water for healing.  Then Jesus came.  Pastor McLaughlin went beyond what we are accustomed to remembering about the story.  Very simply, Jesus told the crippled man to, “Get up, pick up, and Go.”  Something we can all be reminded of each day whether we are crippled in body or spirit.

Student Week Of Prayer

Student Week of Prayer always promises to be a highlight week at Burton.  Our student speakers were well prepared and delivered the messages with passion.image

The topics of the week included Epic Youth, Epic Price, Epic Life, Epic Love, Epic Calling.  We all were very blessed throughout the week as our students touched the hearts of many.

Some memorable moments included one of our International students leading out in singing, “I Am A Friend Of God.” The younger students sang, “There is no greater power than the power of God,” with amazing passion and enthusiasm.

The week concluded with Vespers at the Zubik’s home, with Austin Powell speaking.  He reminded us that, “The direction you are going, determines your destination.” Sitting outside, singing songs and hearing a wonderful message was a fitting ending to a busy week and a very welcome begining of the Sabbath.









High School Spiritual Retreat

Last week, 127 high school students headed over to Midlothian for an overnight experience.  We left shortly after school started.  After we arrived and settled in, we began our retreat with a personal testimony given by Mr. Simpson.  He spoke of the Prodigal Son and challenged us to find ourselves in the parable.

The students were separated into large groups for the four break-out sessions which included friendship relationships, boy-girl relationships, self esteem, etc.  The teachers led out but there was plenty of time for questions and answers.

The next general session involved a personal testimony from Mr. Klein entitled, Do You Believe In Miracles.  As always, he had us riveted to our seats.

Wednesday evening, our students were assigned “Family Groups” and each teacher assigned to a group.  Our desire was to make sure every student had a place that was safe and inclusive.  These groups will be meeting periodically throughout the year.

Thursday morning, Mr. Anavitarte gave his testimony, “I Found Jesus at Disneyworld.”  Shortly after we had a wonderful performance by the drama team.

The time spent with the students was priceless and already I am anticipating next years event.

Check out this short video clip by Levi Ventura.


Welcome Back To School

The noise and the chatter of students in the hallways brings such sweet music to my ears.  I am so excited to have the students back.  We are welcoming many new students this year as well as a few new staff members.

Mr. Jacelin Cadet comes to us from Chicago.  As a graduate from SWAU, he is not new to Texas.  Mr.  Cadet is Burton’s new Technology expert as well as Computer Teacher.  Mr. Cadet is married and has two children.

New to first grade is Mrs. Debbie Bernet.  She taught in Florida at Forrest Lake prior to moving to Arlington. Mrs. Bernet has one grown son and a daughter at Southern.

Just a a week before school started, we hired Ms. Lopez t teach a second Kindergarten class.  She is a Burton Alum and both of her children are attending High School at Burton.

We want to welcome all our new families as well as our  returning families.  We are looking forward to seeing how God works at Burton this year.  He blessed us in great abundance in the past a we are reminded that we need His presence each and every day.

Please join us in praying for the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the school year.



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