Junior High Parent Info Session

Hello BAA junior high parents!  Please take a few minutes (13 minutes and 13 seconds to be exact), and catch up with some of the most imporant teacher announcements for the year!  Enjoy and please follow up with us with any questions!  (NOTE: Resource links referenced in the video are shared below the video)


BAA iPad Info Page (with required apps)

Class Dojo (Please contact your student’s home room teacher for your child’s code to connect your account with theirs)

Showbie (After signing up, please find your student’s “parent code” by opening their Showbie and clicking on their profile picture in the upper left hand corner.  You will find their “parent code” there)



JH Parent Info Session from Burton Adventist Academy on Vimeo.

A Little About Me….

It is always fun to get to know one another, so I thought I would share a little about myself to help you get to know me.  A few things about me are………

– I was born in North Platte, Nebraska (out in the boonies!).

– Growing up, I spent three years in Nebraska, two years living in Colorado, one year in Yuma, AZ and the rest of my childhood in Texas (mainly Dallas- Fort Worth). Go Broncos!

– Some of my favorite things to do are….. watching movies with my family, snorkeling, building sand castles on the beach, smelling the ocean air, going on snake hunts with my son (he LOVES snakes), making coffee in the morning, taking road trips, going to aquariums, playing football (or most sports for that matter), watching football (Go Broncos!), teaching (you know it!), making my classroom awesome, and helping other teachers learn to love teaching as much as I do! These are just a few of the MANY things I love to do!

– My greatest strength is my vision and creativity to see what things and people can become when others can’t quite see it.

– OK, this one is hard to do, but my greatest weakness is perhaps not always keeping my priorities straight (A good example of this would be that I often will work on things at home instead of enjoying time with my family).

– My greatest hope for this school year is that all of my students will absolutely LOVE being in my class and know they are somewhere they are cared about and are safe.

– My greatest fear about this school year is that my students won’t feel accepted here at Burton Academy.

Classroom Upgrades!

People that know me know I love “enhancing” the classroom setting!  This summer I had a blast adding new drop lighting, and 4th genius bar with white-board top, new wobble stools, and maybe my favorite…… new foam stools I upholstered with a super plush suede for heavy duty use!  Enjoy a few pics of the journey!


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Snow Day Creations


Alright guys….. the submitted entries are shown below in the photo album.  Please review and vote for your favorite one.  A prize to the winner tomorrow!  Poll is also below the photo album.  Vote by 9 pm!

And the winner is……  Dillon!

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Caden’s Unfortunate Weekend

As many of you know, my son had an unfortunate experience with an exercise bike in the SWAU gym this past weekend while practicing his one leg biking action. Proof is in the pics. Hard cast happening at 3 pm today.  Prayers for buddy that he won’t need surgery are welcome.