O Holy Night


Soprano 1

Soprano 2

Alto 1 (Don’t have alto 2, sorry!)

Tenor 1

Tenor 2




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I Want Jesus

First Six Pages due by Sunday. You can record in segments. Make sure your email has a subject of “zxcv” (I’m setting up an email filter and this will help by not flooding my inbox.) Pages 7-11 are due Monday. Record one with your part and one with final for all parts of the song. Guys do need learn the part starting at 1:06. I didn’t record over it because it’s easier to hear the recording, but you will all be singing that part.


I Want Jesus to Walk With Me (PDF)










2015-2016 Burton Chorale

I have great respect for all of you for facing this process. Please understand that due to the number of people auditioning the standards were higher than ever for me throughout this process. Just because you didn’t make the group does not mean that you can’t sing or that you shouldn’t enjoy singing! Again, I care for you all and I’m deeply sorry for the pain this may bring to some of you.

Alvarez, Enrick
Arroz, Frances
Buhariwala, Cyrus
Colvin, Donna
Dunkins, Dennis
Fernando, Lorraine
Francis, Redeem
Fritz, Caitlin
Gaban, Chrissy
Gonzalez, Valerie
Gonzalez, Victor
Govender, Nikki
Gutierrez, Jose
Gutierrez, Mitzy
Henderson, DJ
Jimenez, Kalindi
Kutzner, Adam
Kydd, LeMaur
Mabaquiao, JC
Machamire, Precious
Mendez, Melody
Miranda, Ana
Mvundura, Joy
Ortiz, Emilia
Pierce, Caleb
Pollock, Leilani
Reeves, Samuel
Rodriguez, Alex
Rodriguez, Katerin
Rodriguez, Kevin
Todd, Dillon
Via, Cassie
Wassell, Kaylee
Wells, Parker
White, Sammie
Williamson, Marlee
Zubik, Brittany


Chorale Auditions are here!

I pray you all had a summer full of rest, relaxation, and growth! First let me say that I try and make this process as painless as possible, while still allowing me to gain the information I need to be able to make an informed decision. There will be three parts to the audition: 1.) Individual session with me to help determine your range to fit you in the best part possible for you, 2.) Submission of a recording of a verse and chorus of a song you like to sing, and 3.) Submission of a recording for I’d Rather Have Jesus. 

Part 1 will be done during school hours or shortly thereafter, but parts 2 and 3 will need to be done on your own time. Here is some more detail about that part of the process.

Part 2 – This can either be done a capella (without a track) or with a track in the background. The only catch is the track can not have the vocals on it. Many songs on youtube have instrumental or karaoke tracks that you can use that do not have the vocals on the track. You cannot have anyone else sing with you on this, it must be done by yourself. Email recording to with a subject of Chorale Auditions Pt. 2. You can load into Showbie if possible as well.

Part 3 – I have attached some audio recordings for different parts as well as a PDF of the music that you must follow. I would suggest opening the PDF in one tab and playing the music in another. Each person needs to start with the beginner track until you feel like you have learned that part. After that move to the intermediate track. Once you feel solid about the part practice it a few times with the “final track” and then send me a recording of you singing along with the “final track.” PLEASE consult me for feedback along the way if you are not sure if you are on the right track.You can even send me preliminary tracks of you singing with the beginner part and then I can respond and give you insight. I don’t want you to feel like you’re doing this alone if this process is intimidating! Email recordings to (or Showbie) with a subject of Chorale Auditions Pt. 3. I would like all sopranos to attempt to learn the alto part and send it to me as well. This means sopranos will be submitting two recordings.

On both part 2 and 3 I must be able to hear your voice in the recording. Position your phone or iPad in a way that I can hear you over the track. I already know what the track sounds like. Also, you may need to play the track on one device and record on another if your voice record app closes other audio.

Soprano I’d Rather (PDF)

Alto I’d Rather (PDF)

Tenor I’d Rather (PDF)

Bass I’d Rather (PDF)

Soprano Beginner

Soprano Intermediate

Alto Beginner

Alto Intermediate

Tenor Beginner

Tenor Intermediate

Bass Beginner

Bass Intermediate

Final Track (The one which you will record yourself singing over)

My prayers will be with you throughout this process. PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO REACH OUT TO ME FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR GUIDANCE!!


7.5 – Exponential Functions


7.4 – Scientific Notation


7.3 – Rational Exponents


7.2 – Division Properties of Exponents/Negative Exponents


7.1 – Multiplication Properties of Exponents

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